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400 & 800 lb. feeders

400-800Our stand-to-fill 400 & 800 feeders feature a 14 gauge steel hopper, reinforced inside. The lid is hinged for easy access. Skirting on all four sides sheds rain down and away from your timer/motor. Feed that falls straight down slides down the ramps and onto the ground, so none is accumulated under the feeder where the wildlife can’t get it. The timer access door is full width and height for ease of changing batteries and setting the timer. Plates are attached to the base for staking the feeder to the ground. guarding against tipping by cows and hogs.


Automatic water trough


Built from heavy steel pipe and a sturdy square tubing frame, this is the toughest automatic water trough you’ll find. Cows and hogs can’t damage this trough. The container is mounted on pivots, to allow for easy cleaning. The skid base makes it easy to move around to prevent rutting and erosion of the ground around the trough. We use Hudson valves, with no external moving parts and freeze resistance. This setup is ideal for use with remote rain guzzlers.

Road feeder


We’re currently working on the design for a vehicle mounted feeder. Check back for availability and information on this new addition to our quality product lineup.

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What our customers say about GreenGo Feeders

We bought 9 feeders, you won’t be disappointed. Best thing we ever did because of the durability and ease of filling. Check em out!

Jerry Rainey – Wood Ranch

Liked them so much we ordered one for all of our deer pens. Saves tons of labor scrubbing out the old troughs and the deer get clean fresh water everyday.

Jerry Rainey – Wood Ranch

These feeders are awesome man! Makes quick work of filling feeders with the way you built them! Thanks again Tim!

Burly Outfitters

Great design! I had a chance to see the fabrication of these feeders at the GreenGo Feeder manufacturing facility! (Tim’s shop). These feeders are the real deal! Hand crafted, cut, welded and finished. Go to a big box store that sells feeders and try to find the same. Not gonna happen. Great job guys!

Bud McCorkle

Thank you! I finally have a solution to aoudad, cattle, and hogs breaking feeder legs. Fantastic product.

Michael Embrey – Split Creek Ranch

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About us

First and foremost, we are outdoorsmen. We live our lives outdoors, hunting, fishing, and cooking. We got our start building custom smokers, out of a small, single bay shop, where we also fabricated the first GreenGo Feeders. Because of our fantastic customers, we've now moved to much larger facility allowing us to begin expanding our product line. We use our products, so we demand quality and durability. Check out the video for features of a GreenGo Feeder and come back often to learn about new products.

BADF Supporter

Our favored charitable organization is the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation. In 2006, we helped found the Heart of Texas Chapter to get disabled and seriously or terminally ill kids, as well as disabled veterans, in the outdoors. With the help of our many generous supporters, the chapter has organized over 100 hunts. The BADF-HOTC also contributes annually to the local Deer Project, 4H shooting sports, the Brown County Youth Fair, and other causes.